Big Bug Feelings

An A-Z Book

By Jessica Stamm

ISBN: 979-8-218-30094-4

Some big feelings can bug us and be tough to handle! This A-Z book explores creepy-crawly emotions and gives creative choices for dealing with these feelings.

About The Author

Jessica is a dietitian with an emphasis on intuitive eating and a mother of two strong-willed, wonderful kids. She is passionate about mindfulness and talking about feelings, starting at a young age.

“As a pediatric occupational therapist, I am always looking for new tools to help make the language of emotion accessible to kids and families. With Big Bug Feelings, Jessica does this in such a warm and friendly way that makes every child feel seen and valued. My kids love it. My clients love it. And I am so excited that this resource is out there in the world”

-Rachel D.

Big Bug Feelings engages kids and parents alike with friendly rhymes, accessible coping strategies, and a special look and find bug called the Feelings Fly!

This book is an educational, excellent way to initiate conversations about stress, impulse control, curiosity, jealousy, tantrums and more. Great resource for every home and classroom!

“We loved the book Jessica! You’re right it’s all those feelings and conversations that we sort of gloss over. This gives us a chance to bring them up and discuss them with our child in a safe manner.”

- Esther I.

“Jessica’s fun and playful writing made having conversations about hard feelings fun. My son especially loved seeing what cute creature he could relate to.”

-Billijo J.

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